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Teacher GIS Certification Summer


Teacher GIS Certificate - is a course designed for teachers to go through the GIS Entry Level Course and upon passing the course, sit for the GIS Entry Level exam to earn their Industry Based Certificate (IBC) thus qualifying them to teach the GIS Entry Level Course.  The dates for Summer 2024 Teacher Certification will be May 27th - June 7th, 2024.  This is a face-to-face course held at GGI Offices, 8000 Innovation Park Drive BR, LA 70820.  If you need assistance with accommodations, let us know.  

This is an intensive certification course, it is important for participants to fully commit to this course in order to have the best opportunity to succeed in the Course and on the Certification Exam.

Certification Exam Review will be one week following the last day of the course (allow 3-4 hours) and Certification Exam will be the following day at 1 pm (allow 2 hours).  

For more information please contact 225-939-1091.  For specific dates during the summer check website here or www.gginstitute.org